Il-Vari Tal-Ġimgħa L-Kbira F'Malta

L-Arti, it-Tradizzjonijiet u l-Fidi fil-festi tar-Randan Imqaddes

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                                         THE GOOD FRIDAY PROCESSION STATUES IN MALTA




With the annual approach of the Easter Season, Christians all over the  world prepare to celebrate the passion &  resurrection of Our Lord Jesus  Christ.

In  Malta the devotion towards this annual commemoration is very strong , and  evidence to this, are the numerous exhibitions, events and pagaents held  around the various towns and villages.  The most significant of all are undoubtedly the  Good Friday processions.

In this site,  you can find photographs of all the statues (or statuary groups) in the  different localities  which form the core  of these processions.

These statues are  part of  Malta's artistic, religious and cultural heritage and very often go unnoticed due to the fact that they are only exhibited for approximately two weeks each year towards the end of Lent.

The purpose of this site is to heighten the appreciation towards this sometimes overlooked aspect of our heritage.

For the benefit of our English speaking visitors we have included information in English about each and every statue in this site.  We suggest viewing the page 'The Statues - An Overview' (see link to the left) which gives a detailed explanation of each and every different statue and its meaning in the Scriptures.

You can browse the pages featuring the statues in the respective towns and villages in Malta and Gozo by using the tabs in the main menu above. We suggest you to navigate back to this page for easier browsing.

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